The Bronx High School of Science - Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources

  • Computerized & renovated science laboratories, including the Syracuse University @ Bronx Science Crime Lab and DNA Research Lab
  • Computer laboratories
  • Weather Station
  • Harris Field-a 15-acre (61,000 m2) field across 205th street where many Bronx Science sports teams practice.
  • Rooftop planetarium
  • High speed internet access in every room
  • a website with a .edu top-level domain, one of a few obtained by high schools before the rules changed in October, 2001 restricting .edu to post-secondary schools.
  • Televisions equipped with DVD/VHS players in every room
  • Advanced library
  • Distance Learning Lab
  • Animal Room
  • Nationally renowned on-site Holocaust Museum
  • 2 rooftop greenhouses
  • Foreign Language Multimedia Learning Center

The Bronx Science library provides resources ranging from traditional print and microform to electronic subscription e-journals and databases. Located on the first floor just off the main lobby, the library is composed of three smaller rooms encompassing approximately 65,000 square feet (6,000 m²) with a seating capacity of 100. Holdings include over 30,000 volumes, 135 different magazines, microforms (including the New York Times on microfilm dating back to 1851) and readers, and computers in the computer room. Among its electronic resources is ScienceDirect, a free science journal service provided by Elsevier to a select few science high schools. It is used by students as a gateway to firsthand experience with published scientific research.

In 1978, Stuart S. Elenko, a Social Studies faculty member, founded a Holocaust Museum and Studies Center at Bronx Science, funded by grants, donations, and the New York City Council. The Museum was one of the first of its kind in the United States, and houses a collection of rare documents, photographs, artifacts and other material from the Nazi era; the Studies Center sponsors speakers and puts together and distributes educational materials about the Holocaust. The Museum has had over 60,000 visitors. In 2004 an anonymous benefactor – an alumnus of the school – made a very large donation which is allowing the Museum to be revamped. In 2006, the Museum moved out of its original home into a larger space. The museum is currently under construction. There are some artifacts available for viewing but the majority are not.

A rooftop solar panel installation was completed in February 2006. The 33.6 kW (DC) photovoltaic (PV) arrays consist of 168 Sharp Solar 200 watt DC PV modules laminated to PowerLight's flat-roof PowerGuard mounting system and utilizes a Xantrex PV-30208 30 kW AC 3 phase inverter. Integration with the school's computer network allows students to monitor the solar panels' production of electricity in real time, while saving on the school's energy cost. A screen just off the main lobby displays production data at every moment.

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