The Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion

The Big Break VII: Reunion at Reunion featured sixteen competitors from previous seasons of The Big Break returning to compete for PGA, Champions and LPGA Tour exemptions at the Reunion Resort & Club in Orlando, Florida. The series premiered on The Golf Channel on February 25, 2007. Gainey, who originally competed on The Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe.

Competitors included:

  • Mark "Moose" Farnham, The Big Break I
  • Don Donatello, The Big Break II
  • Mike Foster, Jr., The Big Break II
  • David Gunas, Jr., The Big Break II
  • Pamela (Crikelair) Garrity, The Big Break III: Ladies Only
  • Cindy Miller, The Big Break III
  • Valeria Ochoa, The Big Break III
  • Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, The Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe
  • Edoardo Gardino, The Big Break IV
  • Nikki DiSanto, The Big Break V: Hawaii
  • Kim Lewellen, The Big Break V
  • Ashley Gomes, The Big Break VI: Trump National
  • Laura London, The Big Break VI
  • Kelly Murray, The Big Break VI
  • Gary Ostrega, The Big Break VI
  • Briana Vega, The Big Break VI women's champion

Laura London indicated in her interview that The Big Break VII was actually cast well before the completion of filming of The Big Break VI and before London herself had been eliminated.

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