Tattersall may refer to:

  • Alfred John Tattersall (1861–1951), New Zealand photographer
  • David Tattersall, British cinematographer
  • Gale Tattersall (born 1948), British-American film maker and cinematographer
  • Geoffrey Tattersall, judge on the Isle of Man
  • Geoffry Tattersall (1882–1972), English cricketer
  • George Tattersall (1817–1849), English sporting artist
  • Ian Tattersall, American paleoanthropologist and curator
  • John Lincoln Tattersall (1865–1942), English cotton merchant
  • Mark Tattersall (born c.1984), British journalist
  • Philippa Tattersall (born 1975), Royal Marine officer
  • Roy Tattersall (1922–2011), English cricketer
  • Thomas Tattersall (c.1874-1905), English murderer
  • Wally Tattersall (1888–1968), English football player
  • Walter Medley Tattersall (1882–1943), English zoologist and marine biologist
  • William Tattersall, English football player
  • Zoe Tattersall, fictional character in the soap opera Coronation Street
  • City Tattersalls Club, social club
  • Somerville Tattersall Stakes, horse race
  • Tattersall (cloth), a checked pattern woven into cloth
  • Tattersall Farm, in Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Tattersalls Gold Cup
  • Tattersalls Park
  • Tattersalls, an English auctioneer of race horses

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