Tales of The Gold Monkey - Chronology


Based on "facts" disclosed in the series, a chronology of events can be compiled.

The Tse-Sing monks cast the gold monkey idol using a golden alloy that is heat resistant.
(Willie informs Princess Koji that the monks did this 1000 years ago.)
Todo is born.
(This is based on the age of the actor in 1983.)
Bon Chance Louis is born.
(This is based on the age of Roddy McDowall in 1982.)
Jake Cutter is born.
(The series bible has two different birth years, 1901 and 1903. 1903 would match the age of Stephen Collins in 1982.)
Corky is born.
(The Pilot script indicates that Corky is 31.)
Sarah Stickney-White is born.
(The Late Sarah White)
Jake Cutter enters Cornell University.
Jake Cutter graduates from Cornell University. He begins to play AA Baseball.
Jake Cutter joins the Army Air Corps.
The champagne house of Pom Peron has an excellent year. (Louis is upset at the loss of a case of Pom Peron in the pilot.)
Jake completes his military commitment and begins to barnstorm around the country.
Jake Cutter accepts a position as a Pan Am Clipper co-pilot.
Corky pulls Jake out of a burning Ford Tri-Motor in Guatemala. (The year is conjecture, based on the presumption that it occurred while Jake and Corky were in South America together. Jake speaks of this incident, stating that he's known Corky for 5 years - since this incident - in the pilot which takes place in 1938.)
Jake and Corky fly gold out of Peru. Jake buys Jack an opal and sapphire false eye.
Jake resigns from Pan Am and joins the Flying Tigers. (In reality, the Flying Tigers were not formed until 1941.)
During his time with the Flying Tigers, Jake loses Jack's eye to a Chinese bandit. Jake flies all the way to Tibet to get it back. (Corky describes this incident as happening in "37" in the pilot.)
Jake Cutter flies charter flights out of Bora Gora.
April 1938
Jake and Corky fly nuns to a leper colony. (Corky and Jake speak about this in the pilot.)

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