Tagum City National High School

Tagum City National High School (TCNHS) situated at Mangga District, Visayan Village, Tagum City, is the biggest of the five main public high schools in Tagum City, under the jurisdiction of the DepEd Division of Tagum City. Founded on February 14, 1967, the institution started from a Barrio Charter to host secondary education for students to a highly-respected educational institution catering students from Tagum City and the province of Davao del Norte.

Being a research-oriented public high school, the school is noted for its SSC (Special Science Curriculum) and Information Communications Technology (ICT) integration program, the school excels in many science and research-oriented competitions, both in and out of the Division, as well as in other disciplines as well, including Mathematics, Communication Arts (in Filipino and English), Values Education, Social Studies and Campus Journalism. It is the home of the only Guyito sculpture in the region handed over by Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 6, 2006.

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