Sva Bol Svijeta

"Sva bol svijeta" ("All the pain in the world") was the Bosnia and Herzegovinian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993, performed in Bosnian by Fazla.

The song was the eighteenth performed that night, following Finland's Katri Helena with "Tule luo" and preceding the United Kingdom's Sonia with "Better The Devil You Know". After the vote was tallied, it had been completely underestimated, having received 27 points with one 12-point from Turkey, and placing 16th in a field of 25.

The song's title, "pain in the world" refers to the suffering of the Bosnian War which was ongoing at the time.

It was followed a year later by 1994's entry for Bosnia and Herzegovina by Alma & Dejan performing "Ostani kraj mene".