Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (Su San A)

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (Su San A)

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is a network formed by organisations active in the field of sustainable sanitation. Its formation in early 2007 was motivated by the UN's decision to declare 2008 as International Year of Sanitation (IYS). The goal was to have a joint label for the planned activities, and to be able to align with other potential initiatives.

A joint road map of sustainable sanitation related activities for the IYS was developed in the first two meetings of the alliance by participants from more than 30 multi- and bilateral organisations, NGOs and research institutions. The roadmap consists mainly of a series of thematic working groups that will jointly elaborate a range of publications on sustainable sanitation issues, will organise or contribute to international events and will contribute to develop new funding instruments as well as sustainable sanitation capacity building and program initiatives.

SuSanA is not a new organisation, but rather a loose network of organisations working along the same lines, and open to others who want to join and be active in the promotion of sustainable sanitation systems. The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance invites other international, regional and local organisations to join the network, contribute ideas, and to become active members in the thematic working groups. Feedback for the advancement of the joint road map is certainly appreciated, as it is work in progress that will be continuously up-dated, and will include all joint activities leading towards an increased implementation of sustainable sanitation systems.

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