Support Our Troops - Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow "Support Our Troops" Ribbon image is a registered trademark (Application number: 0918155) of the Minister of National Defence of Canada administered by Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) on behalf of the members of the Canadian Forces. As such it is a protected image that may only be used with the explicit permission of Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services.

The Yellow Ribbon Image is available to all divisions of Personnel and Family Support Services, both operational and support, for their own direct purposes, both Public and Non-Public. CANEX is the official and only vendor of authorized merchandise and apparel that features the Yellow Ribbon image. The Yellow Ribbon Image cannot be used by any 3rd party for the purposes of advertising their own goods and services. The usage of the Yellow Ribbon is only authorized in conjunction with Support our Troops fundraising or sponsorship events or activities.

CANEX in partnership with ServiceOntario created Ontario vanity licence plates featuring the Yellow Ribbon, the Support Our Troops logo.

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