Sunday Herald

The Sunday Herald is a Scottish regional Sunday newspaper launched on 7 February 1999. The ABC audited circulation in June 2012 showed sales of 26,074, a historic low for the newspaper, and a c.15% decrease for the calendar year, the largest fall of any Sunday paper published in Scotland. Upcoming ABC figures show a circulation of closer to 23,000 weekly.

From the start it has combined a centre-left stance with support for Scottish devolution. It has been highly critical of some of the politicians within the Scottish Parliament, most notably former Scottish Conservative Party leader David McLetchie.

In July of 2012 the decision was made by the newspapers' publishers to classify both the Sunday Herald as a 'regional' title, thus exempting it from the monthly ABC publication of circulation, which is now carried out bi-annually. The next set of circulation figures for the Sunday Herald are due in February 2013.

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