Sunday Correspondent

The Sunday Correspondent was a short-lived British weekly national broadsheet newspaper. Launched on 17 September 1989, it ceased publication on 25 November 1990. It was edited by Peter Cole.

On launching, the paper billed itself as the first new quality Sunday title for 28 years (since the launch of The Sunday Telegraph in 1961). By the time it folded just over a year later, it was attempting to position itself as Britain's first quality tabloid. Underfunding, a perceived lack of glamour and personality, and the launch of The Independent on Sunday in January 1990 were all likely factors in its demise. The Guardian journalists Jonathan Freedland and Luke Harding, the BBC's business editor Robert Peston and art critic Andrew Graham Dixon all started their national careers on the title.

One of the features in the Correspondent was Pass Notes, which was taken up by The Guardian in 1992, where it has remained ever since.

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