Suffer Time

Suffer Time is an album by country music singer, Dottie West, released in 1966.

This album was Dottie West's most successful album in her whole 20-year career of releasing albums. The album peaked all the way at #3 on Billboard's "Top Country Albums" list in 1966. The album featured West's biggest hit so far during her career, the #5 hit "Would You Hold It Against Me", as well as the #17 hit "What's Come Over My Baby". It also included the #22 hit "Before the Ring on Your Finger Turns Green", as well as the #24 hit "Mommy Can I Still Call Him Daddy". Both "Would You Hold It Against Me" and "Before the Ring on Your Finger Turns Green" was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Some of the songs on this album were written by West herself, including her big hit, "Would You Hold It Against Me". Suffer Time is one of West's best-known albums.

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