Subjective may refer to:

  • Subjectivity, a subject's personal perspective, feelings, beliefs, desires or discovery, as opposed to those made from an independent, objective, point of view
    • Subjective experience, the subjective quality of conscious experience
  • Subjectivism, a philosophical tenet that accords primacy to subjective experience as fundamental of all measure and law
  • Subjective case, grammatical case for a noun
  • Subject (philosophy), a being which has subjective experiences or a relationship with another entity
  • Subjective theory of value, an economic theory of value
  • A school of bayesian probability stating that the state of knowledge corresponds to personal belief

Famous quotes containing the word subjective:

    Whilst Marx turned the Hegelian dialectic outwards, making it an instrument with which he could interpret the facts of history and so arrive at an objective science which insists on the translation of theory into action, Kierkegaard, on the other hand, turned the same instruments inwards, for the examination of his own soul or psychology, arriving at a subjective philosophy which involved him in the deepest pessimism and despair of action.
    Sir Herbert Read (1893–1968)

    every subjective phenomenon is essentially connected with a single point of view, and it seems inevitable that an objective, physical theory will abandon that point of view.
    Thomas Nagel (b. 1938)

    ... the subjective viewpoint is the only one to use regarding a library. Your true library is a collection of the books you want. You may have deplorably poor taste or bad judgment. Never mind. Correct those traits before you exchange your books.
    Carolyn Wells (1862–1942)