Subject - Philosophy


  • Hypokeimenon or subiectum, in metaphysics, the essential being of a thing
    • Subject (philosophy), a being that has subjective experiences, subjective consciousness, or a relationship with another entity
    • Subject-object problem, the issue of how actors or observers relate to things that are observed or acted upon
    • Subject-object based metaphysics, a term for the dominant view of metaphysics in Western philosophy

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Famous quotes containing the word philosophy:

    People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this,—that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.
    John Jay Chapman (1862–1933)

    The Greeks, with their truly healthy culture, have once and for all justified philosophy simply by having engaged in it, and having engaged in it more fully than any other people.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)