Student Bodies - Cast


Principal cast
  • Kristen Riter as Toby Badger
  • Matt Goldsby as Hardy
  • Cullen Chambers as Charles Ray
  • Jerry Belson as The Breather (credited as Richard Brando)
  • Joe Flood as Mr. Dumpkin
  • Joe Talarowski as Principal Harlow Hebrew Peters
  • Mimi Weddell as Miss Mumsley
  • Dario Jones as Mawamba
  • Carl Jacobs as Dr. Sigmund
  • Peggy Cooper as Ms. Van Dyke
  • Janice E. O'Malley as Nurse Krud
  • Kevin Mannis as Scott
  • Sara Eckhardt as Patti Priswell
  • Oscar James as Football Coach/Sheriff
  • Kay Ogden as Ms. Leclair
  • Patrick Varnell as Malvert the Janitor
  • Brian Batytis as Wheels
  • Joan Browning Jacobs as Mrs. Hummers
  • Angela Bressler as Julie
  • Keith Singleton as Charlie
  • Students from Bonnie Siscoe School of Dance as Kids in Costumes on Parade Float (uncredited)

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