Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund - A New Strategic Approach

A New Strategic Approach

This section explains the interplay between different political levels - European, national and regional - in determining the priorities for the Structural Funds and the guidelines for implementing regional projects. In general, the overarching priorities for the Structural Funds are set at the EU level and then transformed into national priorities by the member states and regions.

At the EU level the overarching priorities are established in the Community Strategic Guidelines (CSG). These set the framework for all actions that can be taken using the funds. Within this framework, each member state develops its own National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). The NSRF sets out the priorities for the respective member state, taking specific national policies into account. Finally, Operational Programmes for each region within the member state are drawn up in accordance with the respective NSRF, reflecting the needs of individual regions.

  • EU Level: Community Strategic Guidelines,
  • National Level: National Strategic Reference Framework for each member state,
  • Regional Level: Operational Programme for each region.

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