Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio - Translations


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  • Strange Tales from Make-do Studio (Denis C. & Victor H. Mair). Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1989.
  • Strange Tales of Liaozhai (Lu Yunzhong, Chen Tifang, Yang Liyi, and Yang Zhihong). Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 1982.
  • Strange Stories from the Lodge of Leisure (George Soulie). London: Constable, 1913.
  • Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (tr. Herbert A. Giles). London: T. De La Rue, 1880. ISBN 1-4212-4855-7.
  • Songling Pu (1880). Strange stories from a Chinese studio, Volume 2. VOL. II. PRINTED BY THOMAS DE LA RUE AND CO., BUNHILL ROW, LONDON: T. De la Rue & co.. Retrieved March 21, 2012. LONDON : THOS, DE LA RUE & CO. 1120, BUNHILL ROW. Translated by Herbert Allen Giles, Original from the New York Public Library, Digitized Apr 3, 2008

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