Stop The War Coalition

The Stop the War Coalition (StWC) (informally just Stop the War) is a United Kingdom group established on 21 September 2001 to campaign against what it believes are unjust wars.

The coalition has opposed the wars that are part of the so-called "War on Terror" of the Western nations. It has campaigned against the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. The demonstration against the latter on 15 February 2003, which it organised in association with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), is claimed to be the largest public demonstration in British history.

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    You don’t hit a child when you want him to stop hitting. You don’t yell at a children to get them to stop yelling. Or spit at a child to indicate that he should not spit. Of course, you want children to know how to sympathize with others and to “know how it feels,” but you ... have to show them how to act—not how not to act.
    Jeannette W. Galambos (20th century)

    In peacetime, they had all been normal decent, cowards, frightened of their wives, trembling before their bosses, terrified at the passing of the years, but war had made them gallant. They had been greedy men. Now they were self-sacrificing. They had been selfish. Now they were generous. War isn’t hell at all. It’s man at his best, the highest morality he is capable of.
    Paddy Chayefsky (1923–1981)