Stockholm County - County Administrative Board

County Administrative Board

Prior to 1968 the County of Stockholm did not include the City of Stockholm. The City was instead under the Over-Governor's Office, and the County included the surrounding countryside. The County had its separate Governor of Stockholm County.

The main aim of the County Administrative Board is to fulfil the goals set in national politics by the Parliament and the Government, to coordinate the interests of the county, to promote the development of the county, to establish regional goals and safeguard the due process of law in the handling of each case. The County Administrative Board is a Government Agency headed by a Governor.

See List of Stockholm Governors.

County officials
Governor Chris Heister 1 February 2012
Deputy Governor Bo Hansson 1 January 2002
Commissioner of Finance Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd 12 February 2008
Police Commissioner Carin Götblad 5 May 2003
President of the County Council Inger Linge 7 November 2006

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