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A great guitar collector, Phillips uses a wide number of them in his live performances. The well-known National Style 0 which Knopfler uses in songs such as "Romeo & Juliet" and which became a Dire Straits emblem following its appearance on the cover of the Brothers in Arms album, was sold by Phillips in the early 1970s. This is a list of some of the guitars Phillips has used in his live shows; his current main live guitars are marked +

Acoustic guitars:

  • Gibson L4 (1924)+
  • Martin 00018 (1931)
  • Martin 0016C (1964)
  • N.S. Phillips 12-string (1977) (known as 'The Wardrobe')
  • N.S. Phillips 6-string (1986)+
  • Ralph Bown 12 String (1999)+

Electric guitars:

  • National lap steel (1936)
  • Gibson L-50 (1937)+
  • Gibson ES100 (1938)
  • Beltona electric resonator (1992) - the prototype of this model. +
  • Phillips-Johnson resonator (2002)

Phillip's official website has photographs of many of these instruments.

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