Stephen - List of Alternatives

List of Alternatives

  • Estevan (old Spanish)
  • Esteban (Spanish, Filipino, Basque)
  • Estebe (Basque)
  • Estêvão (Portuguese)
  • Esteve (Catalan)
  • Estevo (Galician)
  • Étienne ("Estienne" is an archaic spelling), Stéphane (French)
  • Êtiên (Vietnamese)
  • İstefanos, Stefan (Turkish)
  • İstfan, Stepan (Azeri)
  • István (Hungarian)
  • Kepano, Kiwini (Hawaiian)
  • Stefan, Shtjefën, Fan, Sven (Albanian language)
  • Sitiveni (Tongan, Fijian)
  • Staffan, Stefan (Swedish)
  • Steafán, Stiofán (Irish)
  • Stefán (Icelandic)
  • Stefano (Esperanto)
  • Stefano (Italian)
  • Ștefan (Romanian)
  • Štefan (Slovak)
  • Štefan (Slovene)
  • Stefan, Stefaan, Stefanus, Steven, Stephan (Afrikaans, Dutch)
  • Stefan, Stephan, Steffen (German)
  • Stefan, Szczepan (Polish)
  • Steffan, Stifyn, Stîfyn (Welsh)
  • Steffen (Norwegian)
  • Steffen, Stephen, Stefan, Stephan (Danish)
  • Štěpán (Czech)
  • Stefanus, Stephanus (Latin)
  • Stepans, Stepons (Latvian)
  • Steponas, Stepas (Lithuanian)
  • Stefan, Steven (Breton)
  • Stiefnu (Maltese)
  • Stìobhan, Stìophan, Stèaphan (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Stjepan, Stipan, Stipe, Stipo, Štef (Croatian)
  • Tapani, Teppana (Finnish)
  • Tehvan (Estonian)
  • Tipene (Māori)
  • Istfanous, إستفانوس, ستيف, ستيفن (Arabic)
  • סטיבן (Stiven; Hebrew)
  • Στέφανος (Stephanos, Stefanos, Greek)
  • Степан, Стефан (Stepan, Stefan, Ukrainian; Стефан is a more western Ukrainian usage)
  • Стефан (Stefan), diminutive: Стефчо (Stefcho), (Bulgarian)
  • Стефан/Stefan, Стеван/Stevan, Степан/Stepan, Шћепан/Šćepan, Стијепо/Stijepo, Стево/Stevo (Serbian)
  • Стефан/Stefan, Стеван/Stevan, Шћепан/Šćepan (Montenegrin)
  • Стефан/Stefan, Стеван/Stevan, Стево/Stevo, Стефче/Stefche (Macedonian)
  • Степан (Stepan, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian)
  • Ստեփանոս, Ստեփան (Stepanos, Stepan, Armenian)
  • სტეფანე (Stepane, Georgian)
  • ஸ்டீபன், சுதீபன் (Sṭīpan,Sudeipan, Tamil)
  • スティーブン、スティーブ、スティーヴン (Stiibun, Stiibu, Stiivun; Japanese)
  • 斯蒂芬, 史蒂芬 (Sidifen, Shidifen; Mandarin Chinese)
  • Eapen (Malayalam)
  • Steephan (South Indian)
  • Steeve or Styve (Québec)

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