Stenotype - Manufacturers


Stenograph is by far the largest manufacturer of American stenotype keyboards with an estimated marketshare in excess of 90%. Their top models are the Stentura and the paperless élans. There were two other large manufacturers in the 1980s (Xscribe, with the StenoRAM line and BaronData, with the Transcriptor line). Stenograph purchased both companies and discontinued their products. The current manufacturers in the U.S. include:

  • Advantage Software (Passport)
  • Neutrino Group (Gemini, Revolution, & Infinity writers)
  • ProCAT (Stylus)
  • Stenograph (Stentura, élan Mira, Fusion, élan Cybra, and Diamante)
  • Stenovations (LightSpeed)
  • Word Technologies (Tréal)

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