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Statistics Canada uses a variety of terms to designate regions in Canada for statistical purposes:

  • Census Agglomeration: Metropolitan areas where the core city is greater than 10,000 but smaller than 100,000 people
  • Census Metropolitan Area: Metropolitan areas where the core city is greater than 100,000 people
  • Census division: Collection of census subdivisions
  • Census subdivision: Cities, towns, municipalities, etc.
    • City
    • Chartered community: found in the Northwest Territories
    • County municipality: rural territories in Alberta
    • Community: villages in Prince Edward Island
    • Canton: Townships in Quebec
    • United cantons: Townships which have been united in Quebec
    • District municipality: Rural or urban territories of British Columbia
    • Hamlet: Small communities in the territories
    • Improvement district: Rural territories in Alberta
    • Indian government district: found in British Columbia
    • Inuit land: found in Quebec
    • Island municipality
    • Local government district: found in Manitoba
    • Municipality: Rural territories in Quebec
    • Municipal district: Rural territories in Alberta and Nova Scotia
    • Northern hamlet: found in Saskatchewan
    • Nisga'a land
    • Northern village: found in Saskatchewan and Quebec (Village nordique)
    • Nisga'a village: found in British Columbia
    • Parish: rural territories in Quebec (Parish municipalities) and New Brunswick
    • Indian reserve
    • Rural community
    • Regional district electoral area: Unorganized rural areas in British Columbia
    • Region
    • Regional municipality: At the CSD level, an amalgamation of a large region. Found in Alberta and Nova Scotia
    • Rural municipality: rural territories in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
    • Resort village: found in Saskatchewan
    • Indian settlement
    • Special area: rural territories in Alberta
    • Subdivision of county municipality: rural territories of Alberta
    • Settlement: small communities in the territories
    • Subdivision of unorganized: unorganized rural territories of Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Summer village: found in Alberta
    • Town
    • Township: At the CSD level, only in Ontario
    • Township and royalty: Rural territories in Prince Edward Island
    • Teslin land
    • Reserve lands: found in Quebec
    • Unorganized area
    • Ville: cities and towns in Quebec
    • Cree village: found in Quebec
    • Naksapi village
    • Village
  • Urban area
  • Designated place

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