Standard Alphabet By Lepsius - Consonants


S.A. IPA Name
ʼ glottal stop
voiced pharyngeal fricative
h voiceless glottal fricative
hʿ voiceless pharyngeal fricative
q voiceless uvular plosive
k voiceless velar plosive
g voiced velar plosive
velar nasal
χ voiceless velar fricative
γ voiced velar fricative
voiceless palatal plosive
voiced palatal plosive
ń palatal nasal
χ́ voiceless palatal fricative
š voiceless postalveolar fricative
š́ voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative
γ́ voiced palatal fricative
ž voiced postalveolar fricative
ž́ voiced alveolo-palatal fricative
y palatal approximant
palatal lateral approximant
voiceless retroflex plosive
voiced retroflex plosive
retroflex nasal
ṣ̌ voiceless retroflex fricative
ẓ̌ voiced retroflex fricative
retroflex flap
retroflex lateral approximant
pharyngealized voiceless alveolar plosive
pharyngealized voiced alveolar plosive
pharyngealized voiceless alveolar fricative
pharyngealized voiced alveolar fricative
δ̱ pharyngealized voiced dental fricative
t voiceless alveolar plosive
d voiced alveolar plosive
n alveolar nasal
s voiceless alveolar fricative
z voiced alveolar fricative
θ voiceless dental fricative
δ voiced dental fricative
r alveolar trill
l alveolar lateral approximant
p voiceless bilabial plosive
b voiced bilabial plosive
m bilabial nasal
f voiceless bilabial fricative
v voiced bilabial fricative
w labial-velar approximant
ı dental click
ı̣ alveolar click
ıı lateral click
ı́ palatal click

To mark aspiration and affricates, the corresponding letters are simply written next to each other, thus kh in Lepsius' Standard Alphabet would be in IPA and would be . For palatalization, the character ʹ is used, so is in IPA. Ejective consonants are sometimes written as double letters, although this could be mixed up with long consonants.

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