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St. Andrew's Terms

  • GLC - short for "Guided Learning Centre," students usually come to the GLC to finish their outstanding homework, assignments or tests.
  • Demerits - will be given out if students miss a breakfast, assembly, house meeting, late for study and lights out, or other misbehaving. Boarding students will be given a Tier One Gating if they get 9 demerits while day boys can only have 6 before they are given a Tier One Gating.
  • Tier One Gating - a detention given out to students either because of an accumulation of demerits, a disciplinary or academic problem. Students serve this gating in the School's Resource Centre for five hours on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Tier Two Gating - The same as a Tier One Gating, except the student must come in for five hours on both days of the weekend.
  • Help Desk - A centre manned by Fujitsu-certified professionals and interns where students can bring their tablet computers for any software or hardware problems.
  • The Shads - the name for the creek that runs through the Malone playing fields, also the origin of the name of the Shad Valley organization.
  • Day boy - Informal name given to a day student.
  • Boarder - Informal name given to a boarding student.
  • Old Boy - Term used for alumni of the School.

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