SRP may refer to:

In politics:

  • Sam Rainsy Party, the main opposition party in Cambodia
  • Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland, a political party in Poland
  • Serbian Radical Party, a nationalist political party in Serbia
  • Socialist Labour Party of Croatia (Socijalistička radnička partija Hrvatske), a far-left Croatian political party established in 1997
  • Socialist Reich Party (Sozialistische Reichspartei), a far-right political party in post-war West Germany, banned in 1952

In commerce:

  • Salt River Project, a prominent utilities provider in Arizona
  • Suggested retail price or MSRP, the price the manufacturer recommends for a product

In science & medicine:

  • Signal recognition particle, in cell biology
  • Standard Reduction potential, a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced
  • Standard reduction potential, one convention for quoting the value of the standard electrode potential
  • Scaling and root planing, a dental treatment for periodontal disease
  • Soluble reactive phosphorus, one of the biologically available fractions of phosphorus in water
  • State registered paramedic, a pre-hospital care provider that is registered with the HPC (UK)
  • Short Rotation Plantation, in short rotation forestry
  • Spreading Resistance Profiling, a method for measuring semiconductor resistivity
  • Solar Radiation Pressure, the pressure exerted on spacecraft by the Sun's electromagnetic radiation

In computing:

  • Single responsibility principle, a concept in computer science
  • Secure Remote Password protocol, a protocol for authentication
  • Server Routing Protocol, a network protocol used by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server middleware
  • Spatial Reuse Protocol, MAC-layer protocol for ring-based packet internetworking
  • Stream Reservation Protocol, reservation of network resources for specific streams across a bridged LAN which is being standardized by IEEE 802.1Qat
  • Session Request Protocol, part of the USB On-The-Go (OTG) specification
  • Stack Resource Policy, a resource allocation policy used in real-time computing to prevent deadlocks and multiple priority inversion
  • SCSI RDMA Protocol, for transferring SCSI commands and data between a SCSI initiator port and target port at an RDMA layer, i.e. Infiniband
  • Software Restriction Policies, a Group Policy mechanism by which the running of programs can be restricted
  • Synchronous reactive programming, a programming paradigm
  • System Restore Point, a point in a computer's history that can be reverted back to.

In Robotics:

  • SaRePa dribbling, a dribbling method in soccer simulation

In the U.S. military:

  • Ship-submarine recycling program, a program of the United States Navy
  • Soldier Readiness Processing, a program of the United States Army

Other meanings:

  • Summer reading program, a type of reading incentive program offered at public libraries
  • SRP, the IATA airport code for Stord Airport, Sørstokken
  • Sports Racing Prototype, an alternative name for a Le Mans Prototype race car
  • SRP Records, a label founded by Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, best known for signing Rihanna
  • Scotia Rouge Piranhas, a Dragon Boat Club based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Society for Radiological Protection, the leading UK society for radiation protection