Sportsman may refer to:

  • Sportsperson: someone who enjoys sport
  • Sportsmanship, conforming to all the rules of game and acting in a fair manner towards the opponent
  • Gun rights supporter (US politics)
  • Sportsman's Association UK gun rights group
  • Sportsman of the Year, an award given by Sports Illustrated magazine since 1954
  • The Sportsman - the name of two separate British sports newspapers
  • The Sportsman Channel US cable channel devoted to hunting and fishing
  • Dodge Sportsman, a Dodge B-series van manufactured from 1971-1979
  • Acme Sportsman, an American light aircraft built in 1928
  • Remington Sportsman 48 a Remington Arms shotgun
  • Sportsman's Park baseball stadium in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sportsman Airpark airport in Oregon
  • Sportsman (EP)