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Other Sports Teams

  • Rugby League- Rose City Rugby League were formed in 2010 and are part of the AMNRL's Western Expansion.
  • Lacrosse. Portland had a team (Portland LumberJax) in the National Lacrosse League.
  • Rugby union. Portland is home to three senior-level men's rugby union football clubs and two women's clubs that are sanctioned members of USA Rugby. In men's rugby, the Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) Rugby Club (ORSU Jesters)Portland Rugby Football Club (Oregon), and the Eastside Tsunami compete in Division II of the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU).. The ORSU Women's Rugby team competes in Women's Division I while the Portland Lady Pigs compete in Women's Division II. The ORSU Women have been ranked in the top ten nationally since 2007.
  • Tennis. Team Portland Tennis is a gay and lesbian tennis group that hosts the GLTA sanctioned The Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance Rose City Open every Labor Day weekend and provides various opportunities to meet and compete within the gay community.
  • Touch rugby. The Portland Touch Rugby team is a member of the US Federation of International Touch (USFIT)and has won the national championship several times, most recently in 2007 (Portland, Oregon), 2008 (Houston, Texas), and 2009 (Portland, Oregon). The team, the Portland Hunters, is home to a number of key members of the US National Touch team who have competed in the Touch Rugby International World Cup several times. There are also two other Touch Rugby teams in the Portland area, the Tigard, Oregon branch of Tumeke Touch and the Reed College Touch Rugby team.
  • Australian Rules Football. Portland is home to the Portland Steelheads Australian Football Club of the USAFL, one of the oldest in the United States, having formed in 1998. The club also runs a small metro footy league. Portland holds the record attendance for an Australian Rules Football match (14,787), when visiting Australian Football League clubs Melbourne and West Coast competed at Civic Stadium in 1990.
  • Paintball. The Portland Naughty Dogs compete in the National Professional Paintball League in a variety of tournaments around the U.S.
  • Roller derby. The Rose City Rollers is an all-female Women's Flat Track Derby Association-affiliated league with over 140 members, founded in 2004. It consists of five teams: the Heartless Heathers, the Break Neck Betties, the High Rollers, the Guns N Rollers, and the All-Star traveling team, the Wheels of Justice, who play in interleague bouts. Portland Men's Roller Derby is an all-male league established in 2009. The men's league plays by the current WFTDA roller derby ruleset.
  • Mixed Martial Arts. Portland is also known as a hub for MMA. It's the site of Team Quest, a training camp founded by MMA legends such as Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, and Matt Lindland. Lindland was also founder and coach of the Portland Wolfpack, Portland's team in the now defunct International Fight League. Portland also is host to the semi-annual Sportfight events which frequently showcase the best up and coming fighters in the Pacific Northwest.

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