Spike Freeman - Fictional Character Biography

Fictional Character Biography

When U-Go Girl requested to have the Anarchist kicked out of X-Force, the Coach denied her request, stating that the team had a new owner, thirty-four-year-old trillionaire, Spike Freeman.

After losing X-Force members Bloke and Saint Anna, the Coach visited Spike Freeman, who was taking his anger out on some X-Force merchandise. Mr. Freeman claimed that he wanted conflict, war, and internecine bloodletting. The Coach explained that would come and showed Freeman a video of the Orphan playing Russian roulette. Intrigued, Spike calmed down.

Vivisector and Phat met with Spike Freeman aboard his yacht to discuss their role on the team. Spike suggested they create internal conflict within the team, which would put more of a spotlight on the duo. Later, Mr. Freeman met with the Orphan to discuss the idea of the Spike joining the team. Spike Freeman met with the Orphan and U-Go Girl to discuss changing the name of X-Force, since they didn’t legally own the name to begin with. He later met with the rest of the team and introduced them to Agent Wright.

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