Spike Freeman - Death


Spike Freeman asked X-Statix if they had thought of how they would kill Henrietta Hunter, now that they had seen what her good-natured charity had accomplished. The Anarchist grabbed Spike and claimed that after they dealt with Henrietta, they would deal with him and his schemes against X-Statix.

While Spike was relaxing poolside, one of his employees came to warn him about Lacuna’s access to the documents that connected him and X-Statix to the selling of weapons to a certain dictator. Upon Dicky’s death, Reggie found the documents and presented them to Lacuna. Spike quickly phoned Mister Code and asked that Lacuna be one of his "random killings." Once the documents were revealed to X-Statix, the Orphan threatened Spike, claiming that U-Go Girl would never be involved in the sale of nuclear weapons. Spike then reassured the team that the documents would not be released. When the Orphan questioned what Spike’s meaning was, Spike claimed that with the random killings, no one was safe. Knowing that meant that Spike would have Lacuna killed, the Orphan jumped up and kicked Spike, breaking his neck, much to the shock of the other members of X-Statix.

X-Statix met and discussed Spike’s connection with the recent shooting of Lacuna. Dead Girl then used her abilities to communicate with Spike Freeman’s deceased corpse. Upon entering his location in the afterlife, she found him trying to buy something on a ghostly plane. She explained that his money was useless in the afterlife and the reason she could contact him was because his fate had yet to be determined. She handed him a Bank of Hell Sulphur Card in return for a favor. He agreed and explained how he had funded some of Mister Code’s seminars years ago and that he had hired Code to shoot Lacuna.

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