Spielberg may refer to:

  • Spielberg fortress, Czech Republic
  • Spielberg, Styria, a city in Styria, Austria; known as the former location of the Austrian Grand Prix at the A1-Ring

Spielberg is a German surname, meaning 'play/game mountain' and may refer to:

  • Steven Spielberg (born 1946), American film director and producer
  • Anne Spielberg (born 1949), American screenwriter and the sister of film director Steven Spielberg.
  • Christine Spielberg (born 1941), East German discus thrower
  • Larisa Spielberg (born 1980), American figure skater
  • Sasha Spielberg (born 1990), American actress, and the daughter of film director Steven Spielberg.

Famous quotes containing the word spielberg:

    You can come and play now.
    —Steven Spielberg (b. 1947)

    I can’t describe it, what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. This means something. This is important.
    —Steven Spielberg (b. 1947)

    Have you had a close encounter recently? A close encounter with something very unusual?
    —Steven Spielberg (b. 1947)