Spenser is an alternative spelling of the British surname Spencer. It may refer to:

Geographical places with the name Spenser:

  • Spenser Ecological District in New Zealand
  • Spenser Mountains, a range in the northern part of South Island, New Zealand

People with the surname Spenser:

  • Edmund Spenser (c. 1552 – 1599), English poet
  • John Spenser (1559–1614), president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

People with the given name Spenser:

  • Spenser St. John (19th century), Haitian diplomat
  • Spenser Wilkinson (1853–1937), British military writer

In popular culture:

  • Spenser (character), a fictional private investigator
  • Spenser: For Hire, a mystery television series
  • Spenser: Small Vices, a television film

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Famous quotes containing the word spenser:

    Ye learned sisters which have oftentimes
    Beene to me ayding, others to adorne:
    Whom ye thought worthy of your gracefull rymes,
    That even the greatest did not greatly scorne
    To heare theyr names sung in your simple layes,
    —Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    good Hobbinoll, what garres thee greete?
    What! hath some wolfe thy tender lambes ytorne?
    Or is thy bagpype broke, that soundes so sweete?
    Or art thou of thy loved lasse forlorne?
    —Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    Sweete Themmes! runne softly, till I end my Song.
    —Edmund Spenser (c. 1522–1599)