Spacewalk (software)

Spacewalk (software)

Spacewalk is open source systems management software developed by Red Hat. It is the upstream version of the RHN Satellite Server, which was open sourced in 2008. Spacewalk includes the web interface and back-end, as well as RHN Proxy Server and associated client software of Satellite and makes them available to users and developers under a free and open source software (FOSS) license. The relationship between Spacewalk and Satellite is analogous to the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Whereas Satellite manages only RHEL and Solaris systems, Spacewalk manages Fedora, CentOS, SUSE and Debian systems.

It is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. While formally requiring the commercial Oracle Database as a backend, version 1.7 (released in March 2012) added support for PostgreSQL.

Satellite 5.3 is the first version to be based on upstream Spacewalk code.

In March 2011 Novell released SUSE Manager 1.2, which is based on Spacewalk 1.2 and supports managing both SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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