South Korea - Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

See also Special cities of Korea and Provinces of Korea

The major administrative divisions in South Korea are provinces, metropolitan cities (self-governing cities that are not part of any province), one special city and one special autonomous city.

Map Namea Hangul Hanja Population
Gangwon Seoul Incheon Gyeonggi South Chungcheong North Chungcheong Sejong Daejeon North Gyeongsang North Jeolla Daegu Ulsan Busan South Gyeongsang Gwangju South Jeolla Jeju North Korea Japan Yellow Sea
(West Sea)
Korea Strait
(Western Channel)
Korea Strait
(Tsushima Strait)
Sea of Japan
(East Sea)
Special city (Teukbyeolsi)a
Seoul 서울특별시 서울特別市b 9,794,304
Special self-governing city (Teukbyeol-jachisi)a
Sejong 세종특별자치시 世宗特別自治市 122,263
Metropolitan cities (Gwangyeoksi)a
Busan 부산광역시 釜山廣域市 3,635,389
Daegu 대구광역시 大邱廣域市 2,512,604
Incheon 인천광역시 仁川廣域市 2,628,000
Daejeon 대전광역시 大田廣域市 1,442,857
Gwangju 광주광역시 光州廣域市 1,456,308
Ulsan 울산광역시 蔚山廣域市 1,087,958
Provinces (Do)a
Gyeonggi 경기도 京畿道 10,415,399
Gangwon 강원도 江原道 1,592,000
North Chungcheong 충청북도 忠淸北道 1,462,621
South Chungcheong 충청남도 忠淸南道 1,840,410
North Jeolla 전라북도 全羅北道 1,890,669
South Jeolla 전라남도 全羅南道 1,994,287
North Gyeongsang 경상북도 慶尙北道 2,775,890
South Gyeongsang 경상남도 慶尙南道 2,970,929
Special self-governing province (Teukbyeoljachi-do)a
Jeju 제주특별자치도 濟州特別自治道 560,000

a Revised Romanisation; b Names of Seoul.

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