South Cheatham Advocate

The South Cheatham Advocate is a weekly newspaper published in Kingston Springs, Tennessee since 1990.

The South Cheatham Advocate has been, throughout its existence, an advertiser-supported, free newspaper. It is not, however, a "shopper"; it has considerable editorial content and coverage of area events in the area of southern Cheatham County, particularly Kingston Springs and Pegram. In its early existence, it was also fairly widely-circulated in the nearby town of White Bluff in Dickson County; this was curtailed when a major White Bluff advertiser ceased its support. At this time, the paper assumed its current name, the South Cheatham Advocate; it had previously been circulated as The Advocate, a name more widely associated with a national gay-oriented publication. When circulation in White Bluff resumed on a limited scale, the South Cheatham portion of the name was retained.

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