Sound Card - Color Codes

Color Codes

Connectors on the sound cards are colour coded as per the PC System Design Guide. They will also have symbols with arrows, holes and soundwaves that are associated with each jack position, the meaning of each is given below:

Colour Function Connector symbol
Pink Analog microphone audio input. 3.5 mm minijack A microphone
Light blue Analog line level audio input. 3.5 mm minijack An arrow going into a circle
Lime green Analog line level audio output for the main stereo signal (front speakers or headphones). 3.5 mm minijack Arrow going out one side of a circle into a wave
Brown/Dark Analog line level audio output for a special panning,'Right-to-left speaker'. 3.5 mm minijack
Black Analog line level audio output for surround speakers, typically rear stereo. 3.5 mm minijack
Orange Analog line level audio output for center channel speaker and subwoofer 3.5 mm minijack
Gold/Grey Game port / MIDI 15 pin D Arrow going out both sides into waves

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