Solar Irradiance

Solar irradiance may refer to:

  • Sunlight, electromagnetic radiation produced by the Sun
  • Irradiance of sunlight; power per unit area on the Earth's surface
  • Insolation, solar radiation energy per unit area during a given time
    • Direct insolation, insolation which reaches a location on Earth after absorption and scattering in the atmosphere
  • Total solar irradiance (TSI), the amount of solar radiative energy incident on the Earth's upper atmosphere

Famous quotes containing the word solar:

    Senta: These boats, sir, what are they for?
    Hamar: They are solar boats for Pharaoh to use after his death. They’re the means by which Pharaoh will journey across the skies with the sun, with the god Horus. Each day they will sail from east to west, and each night Pharaoh will return to the east by the river which runs underneath the earth.
    William Faulkner (1897–1962)