Software Preservation Society

The Software Preservation Society (SPS, Softpres), formerly known as the Classic Amiga Preservation Society (CAPS), is a group of computer enthusiasts that is concentrating on finding old software disks (mostly games) and taking a snapshot of the disks in a format that can be preserved for the future. The images are not made publicly available out of respect for active copyright holders. However, contributors get the images in return for their contributions.

SPS has created a preservation solution called KryoFlux, which is a software-programmable FDC system that runs on small ARM-based devices that connects to a floppy disk drive and a host PC over USB. KryoFlux reads "flux transitions" from floppy disks at a very fine resolution. It can also read disks originally written with different bit cell widths and drive speeds, with a normal fixed-speed drive.

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