Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbo-Croatian: Socijalistička Republika Bosna i Hercegovina, Социјалистичка Pепублика Босна и Херцеговина), known until 1963 as the People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a socialist state that was a constituent country of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a predecessor of the modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was formed during a meeting of the antifascist resistance in Mrkonjić Grad on November 25, 1943. The Socialist Republic was dissolved in 1990 when it abandoned communist institutions and adopted market ones, as the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina which declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1992. The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina was up to December 20, 1990 in the hands of the League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The capital city was Sarajevo, which remained the capital following independence.

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