Snatcher (スナッチャー?) is a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game produced by Konami, originally released in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and MSX 2 computer platforms in 1988. It was followed by a CD-ROM-based remake released for the PC Engine video game console in 1992, which was subsequently ported and localized into English for the Mega-CD/Sega CD in 1994. Snatcher was the second video game written and directed by Hideo Kojima, following the original Metal Gear for the MSX2. The game's story centers around an investigator named Gillian Seed, who is assigned to investigate a breed of bioroids known as "Snatchers", who are killing humans and taking their place in society. The game is known for its heavy influence from cult science fiction films such as Blade Runner, Wicked City, Akira, and The Terminator.

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