Slick may refer to:

  • A puddle, especially of oil, as in an oil spill
  • Slick tire, used in motor racing
  • Slick (tool), a large woodworking chisel
  • The "slicks"; upmarket magazines printed on quality paper as opposed to pulp magazines printed on cheap poor quality paper
  • Aeronautical jargon for a series of iron bombs, namely the Mk-82 500 lb and Mk-84 2000 lb versions
  • "Slick" is the title of the second episode of Birds of Prey
  • Slick Airways, a United States charter and scheduled freight airline
  • Slick Entertainment, an independent game development studio
  • Slick (2004 novel), a 2004 novel written by Daniel Price
  • Slick (album), an album by Eddie Kendricks
  • Slick 2D, a game development library for Java

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Famous quotes containing the word slick:

    Poetry a riprap on the slick rock of metaphysics
    Gary Snyder (b. 1930)