Simon Mc Burney - Early Life

Early Life

McBurney was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. His father, Charles McBurney, was an American archaeologist and academic. Charles McBurney was the grandson of the American surgeon Charles McBurney (who was credited with describing McBurney's point, though critics have since challenged its existence). His mother, Anne Francis Edmondstone (née Charles), was a British secretary of English, Scottish and Irish ancestry; his parents were distant cousins who met during World War II. Brought up in a loving, somewhat cloistered, environment, McBurney was 15 before he discovered that Burn's Night wasn't purely a family affair. McBurney studied English literature at Peterhouse, Cambridge graduating in 1980. After his father died, he went to France and trained for the theatre at the Jacques Lecoq Institute in Paris.

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