Sikkil Mala Chandrasekar

Sikkil Mala Chandrasekar

Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar is a noted South Indian musician playing the flute. Mala Chandrasekhar was born to a musical family.

Mala Chandrasekhar started learning from her aunt and mother Sikkil Sisters - Kunjumani & Neela. In playing style, Mala combines the strongest aspects of both Aunt Kunjumani's clear classic lines with Mother Neela's flair and expressiveness.

Mala imbibed through her mothers the flute artistry of their peternal uncle, Azhiyur Narayanaswamy Iyer and the rigorous rhythmic training given by their mrudungam playing father, Azhiyur Natesa Iyer. Other major influences on Mala's playing are the expertise and repertoire of noted vocalist and teacher Radha Viswanathan and of Radha's mother and guru M.S. Subbulakshmi whose family Mala joined by marriage.

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