Shmaltz - List of Beers Brewed

List of Beers Brewed

Name Original Release Date Availability Style ABV%
HE'BREW Genesis Ale 00 1996, Dec Year Round Amber Ale 5.6
HE'BREW Messiah Bold 00 1999 Year Round Nut Brown Ale 5.6
HE'BREW Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. 00 2006 Year Round Rye Imperial India Pale Ale 10
HE'BREW Origin 00 2006 Year Round Imperial Amber Ale brewed with pomegranate juice 8
HE'BREW Rejewvenator 00 2008, May Seasonal Belgian-style dubbel/doppelbock hybrid brewed with figs (2008); dates (2009); Concord grapes (2010) 7.8
HE'BREW Jewbelation 00 2004, Dec Seasonal American Strong Ale/Imperial Brown Ale - number of malts and hops used and ABV corresponds to anniversary 8-15
HE'BREW Genesis 10:10 00 2006 Limited Imperial Amber Ale brewed with pomegranate juice 8
HE'BREW Hop Manna 00 2011 Limited - Draft Only IPA 6.8
HE'BREW R.I.P.A. on Rye 00 2010 Limited Rye Imperial India Pale Ale aged in Sazerac 6-year Rye Whiskey barrels 10
HE'BREW Vertical Jewbelation 00 2010, Dec Limited Blend of Barrel-Aged (Sazerac 6-year Rye Whiskey barrels) Jewbelations 8-14 10.5
HE'BREW Genesis 15:15 00 2011, Sep Limited Harvest Barleywine brewed with pomegranates, figs, dates, and Concord grapes and aged in Sazerac 6-year Rye Whiskey barrels 13.4
Coney Island Lager 00 2007, Jun Year Round American Amber lager 5.5
Coney Island Sword Swallower 00 2008, Jun Year Round IPA brewed with lager yeast 7.2
Coney Island Albino Python 00 2008, Jun Year Round White lager brewed with sweet orange peel, crushed fennel seed, and ginger 6
Coney Island Human Blockhead 00 2009, Jan Seasonal Imperial American Bock 10
Coney Island Freaktoberfest 00 2008, Sep Seasonal Halloween blood-red lager 6.66
Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner 00 2009, Jun Year Round American rye pilsner 5.3
Coney Island Barrel-Aged Human Blockhead 00 2011, Jul Limited Imperial American Bock aged in Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels 10
Meadusa 00 2010, Sep Limited, Draft Only Blend of Albino Python and Redstone Meadery's Traditional Mead 7
Geektoberfest 00 2010, Sep Limited, Draft Only Imperial Sour Brown Ale collaboration blend with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company and Ithaca Beer Company; official beer of New York Craft Beer Week 9

Source: Shmaltz Brewing Company

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