Sheltered Instruction - Terms & Concepts

Terms & Concepts

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences:

Verbal/Linguistic - increasing vocabulary through: text, lecture, audio tapes, journals & discussion

Logical/Mathematical - charts, graphs, problem-solving, deductive reasoning, seeing patterns and relationships

Visual/Spatial - graphic organizers, lists, charts, graphs, paintings, form and construction, imagination

Bodily/Kinesthetic - drawing, dance, sports, comprehension through action, hands-on work, role-playing

Musical/Rhythmic - recordings (both musical and spoken language), written sensory response to music, singing, playing a musical instrument, video - dance and music

Interpersonal - work and communication with others, cooperative learning, empathize with others, teamwork, listen to others, negotiate with others

Intrapersonal - self-awareness, abilities and limitations, concentration, awareness, ability to see self as others see her, work effectively through large and small goals

Vygotsky Theories - Cooperative Learning & Zone of Proximal Development

• Cooperative Learning: Cooperative Learning defines teaching methods in which pairs or small groups of learners work together to accomplish a shared goal. The goal is for cooperation of learners to maximize their own and each other are learning. • Zone of Proximal Development: Learning through socialization where individuals are able to gain from the experience of their peers or teacher that they would not be able to on their own. The zone bridges gap between what is known and what can be known.

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