Sheltered Instruction - Classroom Concepts

Classroom Concepts

Hands-On: Refers to the many activities and realia that LEP/ESL students can engage with bodily.

Controlled Vocabulary: A list of the key concepts in an article or selection of literature that the students are assigned for reading. The goal is to alert students with terms that may not already be familiar in order for them to understand the concepts involved in the reading.

Scaffolding: Scaffolding is a metaphor which demonstrates the process of gathering knowledge of concepts. Layers of information are gathered and stored to ensure a sound basis for continued learning.

Authentic Assessment: Authentic Assessment is the practice of evaluating a student on their final product and the skills developed through its completion instead of evaluation of individual skills.

Heterogeneous Grouping: Refers to grouping students by grade/age-level regardless of ability. As a result, students in heterogeneous classes will have a wide range of abilities, which a teacher could address by differentiating assignments.

Homogeneous Grouping: Refers to the grouping of students in classes by ability range instead of by grade/age-level such that all students have approximately the same level of ability.

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    During our twenties...we act toward the new adulthood the way sociologists tell us new waves of immigrants acted on becoming Americans: we adopt the host culture’s values in an exaggerated and rigid fashion until we can rethink them and make them our own. Our idea of what adults are and what we’re supposed to be is composed of outdated childhood concepts brought forward.
    Roger Gould (20th century)