Shea Zellweger

Shea Zellweger (born September 7, 1925, Chicago, Illinois, USA) served as Chair of the Psychology Department at the University of Mount Union from 1969 to 1992. Professor Zellweger’s lifetime achievements and academic contributions to education continue to be significant. He received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Temple University in 1966. His doctoral dissertation focused on early visual stimulation experience and its later effects on discrimination learning. Zellweger is probably best known for his creation of a simpler and more mentally intuitive system of logic notation called the logic alphabet or X-stem Logic Alphabet (XLA). The XLA notation system contains a unique and visually iconographic approach to learning and performing logic operations. Patents have been issued on its design in the United States, Canada and Japan. (Link to USPTO Patent #: 4,273,542)

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