Shaista Nuzhat - Books


1- Bil Aakhir, Poetry (Urdu, Punjabi)

2- Sociological Philosophy of Waris Shah, The Ph.D thesis has also been translated by Indian Universities in Gurumukhi

3- Waris Shah Ka Imrani Falsafa, Published by Jamhoori Publications, Lahore Yr. 2006

4- Darshan Pattanon Paar, Poetry (Punjabi) Yr. 2007

5- Aqqal Te Ishq, Published by Saanjh Publications, Lahore, Nov. 2008

6- Ikk Seeti Maar Mitraa, Published by Saanjh Publications, Lahore, Nov. 2008

7 Mirza Sahibaan, manzoon Qissa mira sahiban published by pilaac.2006

8 Chawe Fareed,sindhi translation of Baba Fareed ud Din Gangj shakar,published by saanjh publications 2007

9 Rooadad, compilation of proceedings of National culcral conference organized by govt of punjab 2005. MY

10 Ruadad saqafti kanference 11. MY DEBUE IN JOURNALISM ( A compilation of published Aarticles and coulmns in different international magazines anr News papers at the age of his student life, by Zulfiqaar ali Bhutto ) anto se milye (stage play)

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