Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus

Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus (floruit 358 - 390) was a leading Roman aristocrat of the later 4th century, renowned for his wealth, power and social connections.

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    Even a faithful mistress can be bent by constant threats.
    —Propertius Sextus (c. 50–16 B.C.)

    It is evident, from their method of propagation, that a couple of cats, in fifty years, would stock a whole kingdom; and if that religious veneration were still paid them, it would, in twenty more, not only be easier in Egypt to find a god than a man, which Petronius says was the case in some parts of Italy; but the gods must at last entirely starve the men, and leave themselves neither priests nor votaries remaining.
    David Hume (1711–1776)