Schweizer (German meaning Swiss) may refer to:

  • Swiss (people)
  • Schweizer Aircraft Corporation, primarily known as a producer of sailplanes and helicopters, owned by Sikorsky Aircraft since 2004
  • Schweizer-Reneke, a town in the North West Province of South Africa

Schweizer is the surname of:

  • Eduard Schweizer (1818–1860) Chemist, inventor of the Schweizer's reagent
  • Eduard Schweizer (1913–2006), Swiss New Testament scholar
  • Irène Schweizer (born 1941), Swiss Jazz pianist
  • J. Otto Schweizer (March 27, 1863–1955) Swiss-American sculptor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Peter Schweizer (born 1964), American writer
  • Paul, William, and Ernest Schweizer, brothers and founders of Schweizer Aircraft