Scania K-series - K270/280/305/310/320UA


The K270UA, K280UA, K305UA, K310UA, and K320UA (known as KUA in internal records) are the articulated (6x2/2) citybus variant which can be ordered with the two stronger 9-litre diesel engine variants or the strongest 9-litre CNG engine variant.

Sydney Buses currently has 1 K310UA (Fleet No. 2111) in service on Metrobus Route 10, plying between Maroubra Junction and Leichhardt via CBD.

In Adelaide, Torrens Transit currently have 65 K320UA units (1101-1165), all used on the O-Bahn, in addition to one K310UA unit (1015) which was used as an initial trial and is owned by Scania. Southlink currently have 7 K320UA units (2830-2836).

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